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4 Step Process

Step 1
Start Application

Begin your Application

Just hit that "Apply Now" button at the top of this page, and begin filling out your information.

Step 2
Reference Forms

Send out your Reference Forms

After filling out your information, we'll ask you to send out your two reference forms. These are good to send out as soon as possible, as they can take a while to get completed. It's also good to practice your professional skills and follow up with your references.

Step 3
General Information & Essays

Write your Essays

We'll ask a few more general questions, and then it's essay time. This will be a good area to take some time to complete and put some thought into, as we pay extra attention to what you write here. (It's a great way to get to know you!)

Step 4

Set up an Interview

Once your application is submitted, all that's left to do is set up an interview with our Admissions staff.

After you're accepted, secure your spot with a deposit!

Student Testimony

...As a current student, I can start out by saying this- I am not the same person I was a year ago, I'm far beyond who I thought I had the potential to become because of Excel College! I have never experienced an atmosphere where I was surrounded by others who genuinely love the Lord and have a deep hunger to learn more and push into what He has planned for each one of us... I've never been in such an intentional environment before, the Lord shows His delight and wonder through everyone that comes through this campus...

I've also increased my know-how on flourishing outside of pure schooling  while living on my own- maintaining my groceries, cooking, cleaning, financing well, communicating effectively, etc. I would encourage those who want to know God on a deeper level and to live a full life to check out what Excel College has to offer.

- Emma Magaard, C6 Student

2023 ApplicationsNow Open


Excel college is such an amazing community full of wonderful, godly people. The program is like no other, and I can say without a doubt that I’ve grown so much as a person since the start of the school year. My transition from Challenge IV to the Core was everything I hoped it would be. I especially love the Socratic discussions that we’ve had, as they remind me of the many meaningful conversations that I had with my fellow Challenge students. I would absolutely encourage graduating C.C. students to consider Excel College as an option for their future education! The adventure awaits!



C7 Student, 2022

I am currently a student at Excel College working towards my Bachelors degree, and it is the best decision I have ever made! I have so much gratitude for this community, curriculum, and discipleship-hearted leaders. God is in every inch of this place, from the warm smiles of the people you encounter to the rich materials and teachings in and out of the classroom. Excel is so much more than just a degree, this place has shown me what it means to be the Church, to be a people of love, family, and Kingdom. This is abundant life; it is life to the fullest. I have been greatly challenged, inspired, and encouraged. Most of all, I have been loved by every single student and staff member on this campus. None of this can even begin to describe how incredible this program is. It is something that can only be experienced, that's how transformative this curriculum is.



C6 Student, 2021

I’ve gained three important perspectives during my time in the program that drastically changed my approach toward life. Learning about education in the context of empathy helped me to critically challenge ideas that would help push me toward God’s Truth. Learning about creativity in the context of Creation helped me to find gratitude in God’s Goodness. Learning about responsibility in the context of relationships helped me to pursue God’s beauty that he intended for us.



C2 Alumni, 2017

At Excel College, I experienced challenge and growth like I could never have imagined. The Core Curriculum led me into a newfound love for God and His Creation as I learned to see him and His world rightly. I came to see life as a WHOLE instead of a collection of PARTS and this laid a foundation for wisdom that will guide me for the rest of my life. My life is fueled by a passion to see and relate rightly with God, his creation, myself and my neighbor and has led me into a position where I get to partner with His Spirit in leading the next generation into the same revelation.



C2 Alumni, 2017

The Excel College Program is exactly what I have been looking for over the last few years in regards to completing my degree. I have been able to use my previous experience as a Squad Leader for the World Race and Intern with G42 Leadership Academy to begin to fulfill my Phase 2 requirements for my emphasis in Community and Program Development. I have already had the opportunity to work alongside leaders at Excel in developing and refining programs for youth and young adults. Excel College’s holistic approach to education and living has already made an impact in my life and I look forward to the growth I get to continue experiencing here professionally and personally.



C6 Student, 2021

I came for community, and found family. I came for discipleship, and received a network of people who poured into me. I came for a place to live, and found new life. Hands down the most educational, loving, and excellent place to learn how to flourish. I'm now in the Practicum phase, with an emphasis in product development and finding myself hungry to learn more and engage in deep conversation with those who are equally hungry. Nonetheless,my time in Excel has been and continues to be a once in a lifetime experience.



C6 Student, 2021

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