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We’re pioneering a new educational path for students to become mature, wise, productive adults who live purposeful, fulfilling lives.

Who We Are

At Excel College, we agree with St. Irenaeus' assertion that "the Glory of God is man fully alive." We believe that higher education, done rightly, will teach students to flourish - not just get a job. We believe students who flourish build families that flourish; families that flourish build communities that flourish; and communities that flourish build a world that flourishes.

But what does it mean to flourish, and how does one learn to flourish? Flourishing means being healthy and whole in body, soul, and spirit - not just thriving in the classroom, but in all areas of life. At Excel, students learn to thrive intellectually, spiritually, practically, professionally, and missionally.

Through dozens of years of experience in higher education and multiple iterations, we've learned that Jesus Himself set before us the most effective model of training in flourishing: life on life discipleship. So here, at Excel, discipleship and education come together to foster human flourishing and students learn how to build lives - not just make a living.

Meet Our Leadership

Our faculty and staff have devoted their lives to seeing students become wise, mature and productive adults who follow Jesus into a life of flourishing. We also host visiting scholars, teachers, pastors, and marketplace leaders throughout each academic year to engage with students in academic and/or practical learning opportunities. All of these efforts are supported by a group of volunteers too numerous to mention but without which we could not do what we do.

Lee Byberg


Davis Norment

Lead Core Faculty

Jean Norment

Campus Mentor

Andrew Chambers

Head of Campus Life

Charity Chambers

Academic Coordinator & Faculty

Nicole Murray

Practicum Coordinator

Andrew Haak

Core Faculty

Missy Norment


Isaiah Schmidt

Recruiting Coordinator

Austin Smith

Creative Arts

Rob Ames

Core Faculty

Jeff Ingle


Statement of Faith

Excel College is designed and centered on a Christian perspective. We believe the Bible is the Word of God and is authoritative for all matters of life and theology. While we are not affiliated with a particular denomination, our commitment to a spiritually-grounded faith in Christ is reflected in how we do community, our academic methodologies, and the practical integration of faith in the everyday lives of our staff and students. In the context of discipleship, our curriculum serves as an opportunity for our students to experience rich critical engagement with both sacred and secular authors within a Christian framework. Students accepted into our program have made a profession of faith in Christ, but are not required to reach the same conclusions in every matter as their faculty, Excel College, or its leadership. They are, however, expected to engage respectfully and thoughtfully with Excel College’s Christian approach and content matter, just as with any other student’s perspectives.

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What Parents Are Saying


I love Excel's unique educational model because it prepares my son for real life. Learning, applying what he learns, time to work and make money, mentoring and accountability to live out a full life with purpose in Jesus.



C8 Parent

In just a few months of my son Ben being at Excel College, I can see he has gained more confidence. He is even more engaged in conversation and in critical thought. He went to Excel for community and personal growth, and I know he is surrounded with solid mentorship and peers who intentionally pursue growth with him, and for him. From a parent's perspective, I can sense that he's exactly where he needs to be.



C8 Parent

Our daughter came to Excel because it appealed to her creativity. At Excel, she has found that the context to learn and grow while living and working in a discipleship setting was just what she needed... During her time at Excel, she has flourished! She has gained confidence and poise and learned how to engage ideas in a humble way that keeps truth and Christ at the center while honoring the person or author across from her. Excel is training our daughter to think deeply, to love well, and to serve humbly. It has exceeded our expectations all around!



C8 Parent

Our daughter... was drawn towards this idea of community and discipleship while earning a degree and made the decision to begin Excel immediately following the finish of her trade school. She is thriving. She is learning so much through critical thinking... [and] is also growing as a whole person. We now have another child who has been captured by this school concept and will join his sister in January at Excel. We are very excited for his journey to begin and expectant of all the Lord will do in both of them, and through both of them in the years to come.



C8 Parent

My wife Missy and I always believed there was a better way for college, and Excel is it. The no debt, work while you [attend] school, Christian community immersion is exactly what we were looking for. Our son is on the autism spectrum and needs to be "encouraged". Excel is doing just that and giving him an opportunity he would never have at a "Christian University".



C8 Parent

In just a few months, my wife and I have seen our daughter grow immensely in her relationship with Christ, become more responsible for herself and her future, work harder, and love more. We’re thrilled with how Excel is nurturing her in her young adulthood and with how she is seizing the opportunities God has opened for her.



C8 Parent

Our daughter has grown exponentially in her leadership skills, her communication skills, and in her personal spiritual growth because of Excel's passion and pursuit to mentor and disciple the students. Excel's unique educational model is a refreshing option to higher education because the goal truly is to help students build a life, not just a living. We have watched our daughter turn into a mature, considerate, honoring adult with compassion towards others, a servant's heart beyond her years, and leadership skills that most adults long to have.



C5 Parent

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