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Come see how our community is pioneering a new way of higher education. Our Visit Weekends run from Thursday afternoon to Saturday so that you can join one of our community gatherings, sit in on class, connect one on one with our team, and get to know Asheville and Black Mountain. Hit the button below to register. Don't see a weekend that fits with your schedule? Email us at


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Where We

Students live in homes at Excel in Black Mountain, North Carolina amidst a thriving community of believers seeking to live and love like Jesus. On warm evenings, students are often found studying in rocking chairs on the quiet, covered front porches of the houses, building a bonfire, or hiking nearby Kitazuma Trail to watch the sunset.

Where We

Some of the most meaningful conversations happen when breaking bread together. At Excel College, our students cook and eat together around a dinner table. Not only is cooking and eating together another way to build connection, but it is often healthier and more cost-effective than other dining options.

Where We

Excel College is set in the midst of the Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina. Waterfalls, rhododendron–filled forests, and expansive mountain vistas surround our campus. Here, our students can retreat from distraction and explore God’s creation right out their back door. We are located in Black Mountain, a charming mountain town filled with quiet cafe’s, eclectic restaurants, robust tourism, and an “everybody knows everybody” feel. Also, our community is within 15 minutes of Asheville, a city known for its music, food, and mountain culture, sought out by artists and adventure-seekers alike.

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At Excel College, I experienced challenge and growth like I could never have imagined. The Core Curriculum led me into a newfound love for God and His Creation as I learned to see him and His world rightly. I came to see life as a WHOLE instead of a collection of PARTS and this laid a foundation for wisdom that will guide me for the rest of my life. My life is fueled by a passion to see and relate rightly with God, his creation, myself and my neighbor and has led me into a position where I get to partner with His Spirit in leading the next generation into the same revelation.



Recruiting / Core Faculty

The Excel College Program is exactly what I have been looking for over the last few years in regards to completing my degree. I have been able to use my previous experience as a Squad Leader for the World Race and Intern with G42 Leadership Academy to begin to fulfill my Phase 2 requirements for my emphasis in Community and Program Development. I have already had the opportunity to work alongside leaders at Excel in developing and refining programs for youth and young adults. Excel College’s holistic approach to education and living has already made an impact in my life and I look forward to the growth I get to continue experiencing here professionally and personally.



Community & Program Development, C6 Cohort

I’ve gained three important perspectives during my time in the program that drastically changed my approach toward life. Learning about education in the context of empathy helped me to critically challenge ideas that would help push me toward God’s Truth. Learning about creativity in the context of Creation helped me to find gratitude in God’s Goodness. Learning about responsibility in the context of relationships helped me to pursue God’s beauty that he intended for us.



Alumni, C2

I have found the answers to so many questions about God’s character that I never had answers to previously. I know my time in the program has been a foundation building process and that this foundation will last me a lifetime. I’ve also taken on a new perspective of what education is, fulfilling my desire to question and be curious – something I haven’t received in any other environment.



Alumni, C5

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