Frequently Asked Questions

The degree program of study offered by Excel College has been declared
exempt from the requirements for licensure, under provisions of North Carolina General
Statutes Section (G.S.) 116-15 (d) for exemption from licensure with respect to religious
education. Exemption from licensure is not based upon assessment of program
quality under established licensing standards.

Will my student receive college credit?

Yes, Excel College offers a Bachelor of Arts degree in Religious Studies, Integrated Economy, and Critical thinking to students who successfully complete the program. Graduates will earn upwards of 120 credits (depending on their chosen emphasis).

Will other universities award credit for Excel College courses?

Each school differs, but generally school policies accept as much outside work for credit as possible given the following requirements:
1. Internal quality measures (checking for authenticity and rigor of relevant work)
2. External constraints of state requirements and accrediting agency, if applicable.

We will work directly with other schools to provide all helpful information needed for those schools to award credits for courses completed in our program. Unfortunately, many schools will not consider work from
unaccredited schools like Excel College, regardless of quality. On the other hand, some schools require formal credit-transfer agreements for non-accredited colleges, and we will work with those institutions through their
processes. Please keep in mind that those schools may require additional time to consider your transcript for transfer.

Why isn't Excel College pursuing accreditation?

Our freedom to pursue educational excellence as we embark on our vision and strategy to bring a new educational approach to multiple sites across our nation is secured through religious exemption. We have been declared exempt from the requirements for licensure, under provisions of North Carolina General Statutes Section (G.S.) 116-15 (d) for exemption from licensure with respect to religious education.

Our exemption status under the state of North Carolina allows us to issue a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Religious Studies, Integrated Economy, and Critical Thinking. It is an OUTCOME based approach to education where each student selects an emphasis to focus on through real life education (ie apprenticeships, internships, or experiences like Global U).

For students who desire to continue their educational pursuits after graduating from Excel College with a Bachelor’s Degree, we are working to secure matriculation agreements with other Christian colleges and universities for our graduates to enroll into their master’s programs.

What are the financing options to pay tuition? Is the Excel College program tax-deductible? Can I use my 529 Savings Plan?

Excel College believes that student loan debt is a detriment to the next generations in our country. Therefore, we have developed an innovative approach to tuition and fees that splits the responsibility of financing education between Excel College, the student, and their parents. You can learn more on our tuition page.

Excel College does not currently accept federal or state financial aid, and therefore is not eligible for 1098-T deductions.

Excel College is not eligible for most 529 plans. In this case, most plans will incur a penalty for withdrawing and using funds outside of the specified eligible institutions. Because 529 Savings Plans differ widely in accounts and structure, we recommend families contact their specific 529 Savings Plan to best understand their accessibility and usage of those funds.

If you would like additional information regarding program finances, please contact We would love to have a conversation with you to figure out a financial plan for our program.

How do meal plans work?

Students will be provided with 5 dinners during the week (Monday-Friday). “Life around the table” is a core value in our community, so when not working, students are expected to be at dinners with their home. In addition, students have access to a working kitchen, including refrigerators, a microwave, oven, and stove appliances for the preparation of their other meals.

What are the rules of Excel College regarding alcohol, attire, relationships, curfew, etc.?

For a full explanation of our community expectations, in addition to information on campus living, download our Program Handbook.

What campus safety measures are in place?

Updated campus safety and security measures based on our new Black Mountain campus are coming soon!

For a comprehensive review of our safety guidelines and procedures, download our Program Handbook.

Is housing available during holidays and college breaks?


What parking options are available?

We highly encourage students to bring a personal vehicle for recreational and work-related transportation needs. Parking is free for all students in a designated area on campus. If you plan to have a car on campus, please let us know ahead of time. A vehicle registration will be taken as part of students' pre-arrival paperwork.

What should I know as an international student?

Acceptance to Excel College does not qualify an international student for a student visa.  Accepted students need to secure their own way of entering and exiting the U.S. from Canada and other countries, and we do not give advice regarding this.  We are not currently registered with Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS), which is what the U.S. Government uses, to maintain non-immigrant students.  This is our current status, however, in the future, depending on international student interest in enrolling at Excel College, we may pursue this as an option.  For now, we cannot advise international students on ways to legally enter and exit the U.S. while enrolled at Excel College.

How is the classroom run? And how is the Socratic Method applied?

In the Excel core program, we teach our students to read in such a way that extracts the most out of the authors we encounter. Students are trained in a method of critical thinking that’s meant to help them sift through varying worldviews, celebrate the good and true things to be found, identify where philosophies fall short, and discover wisdom that practically applies to their lives. In the classroom, we build off this method to uncover the hidden assumptions and realize the necessary implications of history’s most alluring ideologies. Our aim is to lead our students through a process of holistic transformation as they encounter truth and allow it to reform the way they live. We believe that a discussion setting provides students with the best opportunity to process honestly and – when necessary – change their minds authentically. That’s why our faculty is trained to facilitate this process of discovery by utilizing various offshoots of the socratic method, rather than lecturing additional content.

Do you require SAT or ACT scores for the Bachelor's Program?

No, we do not require SAT or ACT test scores. We look at the motivation of each student seeking life to the max through academic, practical, and spiritual growth. We do, however, ask for academic transcripts and spiritual and academic references during the application process.

Will Excel College recognize credits/experience attained from external organizations?

A review committee led by the Provost will decide to grant transfer credits and/or recognize prior learning in lieu of credit requirements for students entering Excel College. In some cases where the programming is comparable to an Excel College course, the credits are granted upon transfer application. Students interested in transferring past credits and/or prior learning should complete the “Outside Credit Recognition” application located in Populi before the final semester of the Core Program. The final decision will be communicated to the student applying for transfer credit before the student’s Practicum begins.

Excel College will consider the appropriateness of each external program and students' prior learning experience on a case-by-case basis. A review committee will consider factors such as the congruity between the external experience and the student’s intended Practicum emphasis; the quality of the external experience from academic and practical perspectives; the intensity and length of such experience; the roles, responsibilities, and outcomes achieved; and the levels of maturity demonstrated by each student through the external programs.

Prior learning experiences are recognized almost exclusively from external faith-based organizations that have an established partnership with Excel College. Excel College recognizes completion of these programs as equivalent to meeting some of the college's credit requirements for completion of a degree; in some cases, additional academic projects may be required before the prior learning can be accepted in lieu of credit requirements.

External transfer credits and prior learning experiences recognized as part of Excel College’s Practicum program will only be accepted under (at least) the following conditions:

1. Excel College has received an official transcript of the completed coursework (if transferring from a conventional institution of higher education).

2. Each course has been completed with a grade of “C” or higher; each prior learning experience is accompanied by a positive recommendation by an employer, supervisor, or mentor.

3. Each course pertains to the student’s field of emphasis.

4. Each course objectives and rigor meet the standards set by Excel College, aligning with the outcomes established for the given emphasis track.
**NOTE: If Excel College has no existing track that matches the intended emphasis of pursuit, Excel College will not be able to process the students “Outside Credit Recognition” application until after a track is established. Students should be aware that Excel College does not guarantee the creation of any new tracks.

5. Each external course or equivalent experience was completed within the last ten years.

Any recognition of prior learning or college credits earned that have not been completed while learning and living on an Excel campus or site may not exceed 36, and at least six months of each student’s Practicum must be pursued while on an Excel campus or site.

September 2024 Enrollment Options Available

What Parents Are Saying


Our daughter has grown exponentially in her leadership skills, her communication skills, and in her personal spiritual growth because of Excel's passion and pursuit to mentor and disciple the students. Excel's unique educational model is a refreshing option to higher education because the goal truly is to help students build a life, not just a living. We have watched our daughter turn into a mature, considerate, honoring adult with compassion towards others, a servant's heart beyond her years, and leadership skills that most adults long to have.



C5 Parent

I love Excel's unique educational model because it prepares my son for real life. Learning, applying what he learns, time to work and make money, mentoring and accountability to live out a full life with purpose in Jesus.



C8 Parent

In just a few months of my son Ben being at Excel College, I can see he has gained more confidence. He is even more engaged in conversation and in critical thought. He went to Excel for community and personal growth, and I know he is surrounded with solid mentorship and peers who intentionally pursue growth with him, and for him. From a parent's perspective, I can sense that he's exactly where he needs to be.



C8 Parent

Our daughter came to Excel because it appealed to her creativity. At Excel, she has found that the context to learn and grow while living and working in a discipleship setting was just what she needed... During her time at Excel, she has flourished! She has gained confidence and poise and learned how to engage ideas in a humble way that keeps truth and Christ at the center while honoring the person or author across from her. Excel is training our daughter to think deeply, to love well, and to serve humbly. It has exceeded our expectations all around!



C8 Parent

Our daughter... was drawn towards this idea of community and discipleship while earning a degree and made the decision to begin Excel immediately following the finish of her trade school. She is thriving. She is learning so much through critical thinking... [and] is also growing as a whole person. We now have another child who has been captured by this school concept and will join his sister in January at Excel. We are very excited for his journey to begin and expectant of all the Lord will do in both of them, and through both of them in the years to come.



C8 Parent

My wife Missy and I always believed there was a better way for college, and Excel is it. The no debt, work while you [attend] school, Christian community immersion is exactly what we were looking for. Our son is on the autism spectrum and needs to be "encouraged". Excel is doing just that and giving him an opportunity he would never have at a "Christian University".



C8 Parent

In just a few months, my wife and I have seen our daughter grow immensely in her relationship with Christ, become more responsible for herself and her future, work harder, and love more. We’re thrilled with how Excel is nurturing her in her young adulthood and with how she is seizing the opportunities God has opened for her.



C8 Parent

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