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Excel Career Fair

Emma Magaard

August 4, 2022

On Friday, July 22nd our C6 students (and some community members!) had the opportunity to meet and network with some of our practicum partners at a career fair. It was an honor to have introduce our partners and students knowing that these will be future employers and employees! Hear what C6 student, Emma Magaard, has to say about her experience at the fair:

What are you personally going to pursue as your practicum emphasis?

Before I share what my specific practicum emphasis is going to be, you should know that my ideal career field I am pursuing is Business Management. The practicum emphasis is going to aid in my foundation of credibility for a leadership position. In order to fully understand how to manage a team, or a work environment, those in charge should understand each individual job that they are overseeing to better relate to their coworkers and the workload that they go through.

That being said, my practicum emphasis will cover a variety of foundational business aspects such as sales, accounting, marketing, and overall leadership courses. Some of these will be taught via online college courses selected by Faculty to provide the highest education in those areas, but then the overall work experience will offer another level of understanding of the world of Business. In regards to which specific job I will be applying for to gain such work experience - that has yet to be decided. 

What employer stood out to you the most, and why?

As I walked about the career fair, I talked to multiple amazing business employers. I enjoyed each conversation I took part in, however the Marriott Hotel (operated by Crestline) stood out to me the most. Their excitement and passion for the Hospitality industry was inspiring, you could tell that they were searching for employees with strong character that encompassed the same desire to serve others and have a great attitude while doing so. For a career that interacts with so many walks of life, they do very well with making sure the guests staying within their resort are treated with honor and with the best intentions in mind!

How has your time in the Core prepared you for the practicum? 

The Core has set me up so very well for my time in the practicum. It all started with the Critical Thinking module where we, as a group of people, learned how to think independently from a variety of different perspectives that provided a deeper understanding of the subject we were observing. One of the most important things a person can do for themselves is learn how they think, how to think thoroughly, and then apply that thinking to their everyday lives. Employers are seeking those who are wanting to make a difference, those who will be problem solvers and adapt with the advancements in the world, as well as maintain their own character in a society that is continuously challenging what is deemed right and wrong. The Core has since created a foundation for where I draw my understanding for the way the world operates and my own role within that I would not have had the time nor the resources to learn on my own.

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