Life is a Donation
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Life is a Donation

Ellie Ware

June 28, 2024

Life is Ultimate Reality.  

And as conquerors of death in Jesus Christ, we will always be living, experiencing the gift of life. 

Grasping the fact that life is a miracle that cannot be explained away, or even fully understood by the greatest scholar, has led me to a posture of gratitude to be alive. Although my existence is unnecessary, God has made my immaterial DNA alive. This is why life is a donation. This donation is fragile and meant to be handled with extraordinary care. I cannot explain how much of God's goodness there is within the material makeup of the human body and how it functions. The weight to which life holds and its fragility ought to be stewarded by way of humanity noticing life’s miraculous nature.

One implication that I find catastrophically beautiful is that having children is a partnership with our source of life (God), in creating life to then be a donation to the world.

Overall, it is wildly insane that God has chosen to give us life and that He creates life within the wombs of women. The way in which I steward my life and the life of my one day children, greatly expresses, similar to a beautifully written poem, the miraculous thing life is, and the fragility one should have in toying with such a remarkable donation.

This revelation has opened my eyes to how truly I cannot escape my dependence upon God. It has opened my eyes to how present He is within the very functioning of my body in order to live.

Life is something we cannot explain, yet we experience. It is a miracle, just as death is.  

After my Dad died, I remembered thinking of what was said in Biology: “Life is better than non-life.” I felt confused why then he had to not be living, if life itself was better. My world was shaken as I began to understand heaven, the state of eternal life, to be vastly better than it is made up to be in pretty songs with airy words of its state. Where life is headed is way better than going back to the garden of Eden.  Life on earth and in heaven is material and immaterial.  Life itself is transcendent. The death of my dad has led me to an awe and wonder of the transcendence which we daily experience and get to invest in through the context of life. The transcendence of one’s life remains even as they are no longer physically here. And they still can experience the donation of life from the Giver of Life in eternity.

He came that we may have life, and life abundantly (ZOE life, God’s very own form of life)! I marvel at once known simple truths, like Jesus coming through the form of a baby in his mother’s womb, as well as God, the very source of life itself dying so that all of humanity may live. 


I remain in awe of the miracle of life that encompasses and instills us in a way in which we can never escape. I want to live this donation well.

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