Practicum Reflections: Entry #1.5
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Practicum Reflections: Entry #1.5

Emily Fountain

February 11, 2023

Emily Fountain

Class : PCT 350 (4 Virtues)

Practicum Reflection #1

Prompt: What about your emphasis work do you look forward to doing every day and why do you look

forward to it? (If this question is too narrow, please feel free to answer “What about your emphasis are

you looking forward to over the next 15 months and why?”)

As an overall for my whole practicum in administration, I am looking forward to being able to use the skills that I will develop/learn over the next 15 months to be able to work efficiently, accomplish goals, and help others to do the same. Specifically, for my administration work with Excel, I am excited to continue learning about the systems that are already in place and learn how to best work with them, as well as develop new ones in the future and deepen my knowledge of education administration. I am also looking forward to being involved with C7’s journey through the core by being part of the grading team this year. The chance to give students additional feedback and insight into what they’re learning in the core and watch them grow as they go is exciting, and I’m also looking forward to refreshing my own memory of the core and all the valuable knowledge it contains as I walk through it again with them. Specifically for my work with Radius, I’m looking forward to not only learning the administrative side of a medical office, but also gaining a more comprehensive view of health and the body and what I can do with this information to help others live a fuller and more healthy life. I’ve already learned so much in just two weeks, and I am really looking forward to being able to serve and interact with the people that we see there on a regular basis. There really is such a chance for relationship there, and it will also be wonderful to use the knowledge I’ll gain to hopefully benefit others even outside of those who come into our office. I really love that in both of these areas that I’m working with for my practicum, it’s not just about administration. Rather, there is more to it at the core of my work with both Excel and Radius, and I think it can be summed up well that they both have the goal and ultimate purpose of seeing others flourish. This is ultimately what I’m looking forward to the most- learning how to help myself and others flourish better wrapped up in the very practical package of administrative work.

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