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April 26, 2024

At Excel College, our goal is to help students become wise, mature, productive adults who live purposeful and fulfilling lives - in and out of the marketplace. Continue reading to join us and some of our employers in celebrating the ways we’ve seen our students grow in this!

C7 student, Noah Wilkinson, has been working with AlphaTech Inc in machining and engineering, per his Phase 1 emphasis, for about four months now. A couple of weeks ago he received an outstanding assessment from his employers at AlphaTech, and subsequently received a raise not too long afterwards. We’re so thankful for an amazing employer like AlphaTech who takes time to pour into their employees and encourage them in their journey, and for students who are hungry to learn and grow!

Fellow C7 student, Josiah Cole, has been hard at work in his emphasis of Creative Writing with Excel Creative, and recently landed a gig interviewing and writing about troops for Trail Life USA. It’s an amazing feeling to watch our students’ hard work pay off in the marketplace!

Lastly, C8 student Daniel Batchelder got employee of the month at the Biltmore Winery! Daniel has only been here for a little over seven months now, and has shown incredible hunger and excellence in and out of both the classroom and the marketplace. 

None of this would be possible without our incredible network of employers, nor without students who are hungry and bought into the process! We’re thankful to be contributing to the marketplace in WNC with students who add value to their employers and their community.

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