The Book of God's Works
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The Book of God's Works

Josiah Cole

December 15, 2023

God romanced me throughout my time in The Core.

It was in the moments that we were watching ‘The Privileged Planet’ and learning that our Earth’s physical constants are so precise that moving one force even slightly (such as gravity) would cause any life form greater than a pea to cease existing. It was while we were learning microbiology and the intricate machines working at all hours within our very cells, pointing to only an intelligent designer, and leading me to nothing short of a spiritual experience.

Maybe it was when I learned in Sociology, that biologically male and female relationships are the only possible, sustainable design for human flourishing. Perhaps it was when I learned that Government was God’s goodness keeping humanity from self-destruction.

Yet still it could have been Paley’s discussion on the watch and the maker, or it could have been the fact that I only got out of bed this morning due to mathematics keeping my heart in rhythm, and allowing me to drive to work, and teaching me how to live an enjoyable life.

Yet even still, it could have been G.K. Chesterton’s magical suggestion that the sun only rises simply because God asks it to every morning.

Whatever the case, The Core taught me one thing—perhaps the most vital thing—God is the only option. There is no other option out there. Life, with all of its intricacies, its highs and lows, its music and sorrow, or its beauty and pain, Life could not exist without God. Not only does creation echo the existence of God, it belts out the Love of God.

God designed this planet to sustain life, simply because he loves us. God filled our cells with micro machines out of adoration. God designed us to produce families, so that we may enjoy each other and echo his goodness. God uses mathematics to sustain reality, because he desires us. God may tell the sun to rise and my heart to beat, only so that He could know me.

In short, The Core taught me how to read the book of God’s works, and it just may be the greatest romance novel yet.

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