The Core: Crafted to Reveal the Creator
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The Core: Crafted to Reveal the Creator

Ellie Ware

March 22, 2023

There are facets of the character of God and the very nature of all His creation that I don’t think I would be grasping, much less being introduced to at this stage in my life if it weren't for the Core.  I want every single person I know to be able to go through the process and experience of the Core, and I haven't even completed it yet. I’m still wrestling with how everyone I know and love might get to experience all I am experiencing, and all those who go through the Core here at Excel experience, even if they're never actually able to do the Core. For now, I praise the Creator who has allowed me this privilege to be a part of this education at Excel that redefines education in a reconciling way.  

In class discussions I often find myself scribbling on my notebook paper in all caps, “I WANT MY FAMILY AND FRIENDS TO EXPERIENCE THESE REALIZATIONS THAT REFINE THEIR LIFE AND THEIR VIEW OF GOD!!!”  And just like the capital letters, many exclamation points, and chaos of these written words, my mind also screams with these thoughts throughout discussions in class of grand awakenings and understandings that grow in greater weight.  I am learning the immense weight that this life, including marriage, having kids, family, relational living, and so many other things hold, as I experience great depths of what these concepts hold great value with as I engage in the process of the Core.  As I was talking to a friend back at home, I passionately told him how the Core is life changing. My friend began to laugh after I said this since I so passionately spoke of my life being changed from only two weeks of the program. I may have only experienced two weeks of the Core at that point, but I was already in awe as I marveled at all God was opening my eyes to through the Core even within that very small time frame. There are many things I am learning in the Core here at Excel, many realizations, and greater understanding of concepts and beliefs that I am led to wrestle with, but there is one thing I know the Core is crafted to reveal in a colorfully painted beauty: the Creator.  Now, there are many aspects to this, hence there are many modules, but it all is one intentionally designed sequence of themes that are vital to life that make one beautifully intricate tapestry.  That is how I would describe the Core: one intentionally designed sequence of themes that are vital to life that make one beautifully intricate tapestry, and in its individuality of modules yet in its fullness, is designed to point to the Creator.

I’m tempted to want to ask in class discussions how these many concepts and questions that we talk about could be explained without God or Jesus for those who don’t believe in Him, but I’m growing grippingly convinced that the essence, Being, and character of God must be the foundation, and is impossible for any other concept to be built if it weren't for Him being the foundation, especially for those who don’t perceive Him to exist.  I’ve found myself enthralled and captured by the bold, powerful words of writers from the readings we have read in class.  I’ve found myself on the edge of my seat in class discussions waiting for the next realization that is to stem off another one.  I have found myself in shock at the unfathomableness of God who still makes Himself conceivable to be understood by me.  It feels as though the Core is taking an intentional, productive pause from life to re-evaluate how life actually is designed to be lived and understood in its fullness.  I don’t think understanding God in all His fullness is confined to the Core, but I do think the Core is a powerful vessel and tool to understanding God in a fuller way.

I don’t feel I have the authority to speak of the value of the Core, given I have only experienced a few weeks of it, but the point is much less about me and much more about what/who this all is designed to point towards. As I end Theology and begin to start Philosophy, I remain in awe of our unfathomable God who transcends so much of my understanding yet makes Himself Personal to us in all He is and does.  It is insane to me that His nature is in all of creation, people, relationships, and that these don’t just depend sometimes on Him, but depend every second of every moment on Him as the source.  This all; we all, would not be if He didn’t be.  Yet, He is self-sufficient so He did not need to create us.  This means He chose to create us.  How Personal and Loving this God must be if He chose to make us?!  He chose because agape (perfect, pure) love is a choice and He chose us, and He is Personal with us in everything, including our very own desire for relationality with others. Those who don’t know Him portray such beauty of His nature to me!  I have grown a greater awareness of this in the Theology module.

This writing of mine is meant to express to others what I am learning about in the Core, but I can’t just explain small details without inviting you all into the greater picture of the beautifully painted tapestry that I am so exasperated to see being portrayed and experienced as I embark on the Core. The Core at Excel College is being used as a tool for me to grasp God’s marvelous nature and experience grand awakenings that refine my lens for the rest of my life. I feel as if I am on a journey and process that must never be simply put in today’s term as “college,” but rather, an inexpressible experience that I desire for every single person to experience.

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