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Phase 2:
The Practicum

Get hands on experience in the field of your choice while learning to operate in your personal kingdom calling.


paths of emphasis


of experience

Learn How To Build A Life, Not Just A Living

In the Core, we learn that what we are is where we begin the journey of identity, followed by who we are as individuals within that context. Now, we get to explore the overflow of your common being and your unique personality: doing. In the Practicum phase, we help you discover your passions, gifts, and strengths so you can get hands on experience in the field of your choice while learning to thrive in community, growing spiritually, and receiving one on one mentorship and discipleship.

Education is not just theory

Where education is experienced.
We understand the frustration of learning behind a desk. Rather than theorizing about best practices, our students learn from professionals in the community.

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Outcomes Based

Success here is measured by outcomes – not test scores. Our consular team works with you and the mentor in your field of choice to determine the outcomes needed to achieve proficiency in your “emphasis”.


Hands On Experience

Want to be a website designer? You should be working for a website designer, not taking tests. We let the professionals do the teaching. Get hands on experience in the field of your choice through Apprenticeships, Internships or Research Study – all while also advancing through our degree program.


It’s your calling, not ours. Our team of mentors guides you as you discover personal passions, strengths and callings and then choose an emphasis to exercise them from. We then help you design a personalized plan to achieve proficiency in that field.


Build Your

Build a lifelong network of friends, mentors, marketplace leaders, and employers as you engage with our dense network on and off campus.

With a Resume

By achieving practical outcomes while getting hands on experience in your emphasis, you’ll graduate with a resume that shows employers you have what it takes to succeed. Think of it as a built-in dossier.

Find Real Mentors

Our team of coaches and mentors is loaded with professional and ministerial experience and is dedicated to seeing you grow intellectually, spiritually, practically, professionally, and missionally.

3 Step Process

Step 1

Start your Journey

What makes you come alive? What are your giftings and passions? And how could you use them for the benefit of the world around you? In the Discovery Stage, our team will help you identify your unique callings and understand how they could be exercised for the benefit of the marketplace and community around you. You’ll utilize best in class personality profiles like DISC, Strengths Finders, and Enneagram while working one on one with a mentor to identify areas of strength and gifting, key milestones in building a personal profile and getting to know your calling.

Step 2

Choose an Emphasis

After discovering your calling and what makes you come alive, we’ll help you choose a field to emphasize in and craft a personalized plan to achieve proficiency in that field. Stay focused on achieving outcomes – not test scores.

An emphasis is the field you would like to achieve proficiency in while you are at Excel College. You could pursue a skill like graphic design or learn a traditional trade such as construction. Some will focus on ministry or building a business. There are dozens of possibilities. Some emphases can be pursued through the Excel College Partner Network, and others with employers/ministries of your choosing (subject to approval on the basis of measurable, achievable outcomes and an active mentor in that field).

Current fields of study through our network partners include: web design, community and program development, entrepreneurial leadership, missions, biblical studies, construction, property management, photography and videography, bookkeeping, machining, restaurant management, nursing, HVAC, electrical, plumbing, solar, robotics, manufacturing leadership, welding, emergency medicine, and more.

Craft a Plan

Success here is measured by outcomes – not test scores. Our consular team works with you and the mentor in your field of choice to determine the outcomes needed to achieve proficiency in your “emphasis”. We then work with you to map out a plan of action to achieve your outcomes through a combination of apprenticeships or internships and independent study.

Step 3

Get Hands On Experience

The most important part of any plan is execution. In the Advance Stage, you’ll grow through hands on experience, accountability, and one on one coaching all the way through.

Want to be a website designer? You should be working for a website designer, not taking tests. We let the professionals do the teaching. Get hands on experience in the field of your choice through an Apprenticeship, Internship or Independent Research Study – all while also advancing through our degree program.

Growth and Accountability

The growth journey towards wise, mature, and productive adulthood requires a high level of self-awareness, discipline and…accountability. This is why every Excel College student receives group and individualized coaching. While earning your degree, you have the opportunity to set your values, vision, and way forward with a trained coach who will champion alongside you for every milestone.

Like most things in life, you will get out of your coaching what you are willing to put in. Our coaches provide the resources, encouragement, and accountability that will set you up for success in this program and beyond.

Your class will also receive weekly coaching classes that will allow you to grow in your ability to lead yourself and lead others. You will cover topics related to: financial stewardship, relationships and community, character and habits, marriage and family,  conflict resolution,  goal setting, thought work, and so much more!

Phase 2 Distinctives

Graduate With a Resume

At most colleges, you graduate with a degree, but little job experience. At Excel College, you graduate with a resume showcasing that you got hands on experience in your field of interest and are proficient in that field. For many employers, that experience is more valuable than the degree itself.

Build A Network

We’re building a network of companies, organizations, and ministries that have your success in mind. CEOs, founders, entrepreneurs, pastors, ministry leaders, parents, and more are ready to help equip you with the tools to become wise, mature, and productive – whether that’s through an apprenticeship or internship, a mentoring relationship, or just network connections.

See who our
students areworking for

Learn about

Innovation didn't just stop at our educational model. After all, what's the point of education if you can't afford it? Check out how we've made a better way.



Excel college is such an amazing community full of wonderful, godly people. The program is like no other, and I can say without a doubt that I’ve grown so much as a person since the start of the school year. My transition from Challenge IV to the Core was everything I hoped it would be. I especially love the Socratic discussions that we’ve had, as they remind me of the many meaningful conversations that I had with my fellow Challenge students. I would absolutely encourage graduating C.C. students to consider Excel College as an option for their future education! The adventure awaits!



C7 Student, 2022

I am currently a student at Excel College working towards my Bachelors degree, and it is the best decision I have ever made! I have so much gratitude for this community, curriculum, and discipleship-hearted leaders. God is in every inch of this place, from the warm smiles of the people you encounter to the rich materials and teachings in and out of the classroom. Excel is so much more than just a degree, this place has shown me what it means to be the Church, to be a people of love, family, and Kingdom. This is abundant life; it is life to the fullest. I have been greatly challenged, inspired, and encouraged. Most of all, I have been loved by every single student and staff member on this campus. None of this can even begin to describe how incredible this program is. It is something that can only be experienced, that's how transformative this curriculum is.



C6 Student, 2021

I’ve gained three important perspectives during my time in the program that drastically changed my approach toward life. Learning about education in the context of empathy helped me to critically challenge ideas that would help push me toward God’s Truth. Learning about creativity in the context of Creation helped me to find gratitude in God’s Goodness. Learning about responsibility in the context of relationships helped me to pursue God’s beauty that he intended for us.



C2 Alumni, 2017

At Excel College, I experienced challenge and growth like I could never have imagined. The Core Curriculum led me into a newfound love for God and His Creation as I learned to see him and His world rightly. I came to see life as a WHOLE instead of a collection of PARTS and this laid a foundation for wisdom that will guide me for the rest of my life. My life is fueled by a passion to see and relate rightly with God, his creation, myself and my neighbor and has led me into a position where I get to partner with His Spirit in leading the next generation into the same revelation.



C2 Alumni, 2017

The Excel College Program is exactly what I have been looking for over the last few years in regards to completing my degree. I have been able to use my previous experience as a Squad Leader for the World Race and Intern with G42 Leadership Academy to begin to fulfill my Phase 2 requirements for my emphasis in Community and Program Development. I have already had the opportunity to work alongside leaders at Excel in developing and refining programs for youth and young adults. Excel College’s holistic approach to education and living has already made an impact in my life and I look forward to the growth I get to continue experiencing here professionally and personally.



C6 Student, 2021

I came for community, and found family. I came for discipleship, and received a network of people who poured into me. I came for a place to live, and found new life. Hands down the most educational, loving, and excellent place to learn how to flourish. I'm now in the Practicum phase, with an emphasis in product development and finding myself hungry to learn more and engage in deep conversation with those who are equally hungry. Nonetheless,my time in Excel has been and continues to be a once in a lifetime experience.



C6 Student, 2021

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